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I. Stop Working for Money: How to Find Your Dream Job

Mark will emphasize the importance of following your passions and teach strategies that will help you find your dream job.

III. Build a Recession-Proof Business

Unlimited client retention equals a booming business. For all who want to build a successful business, this lecture is essential. Strong personal relationships are the backbone of most successful businesses and Mark, through his own experiences, will show you how those relationships can expand into a lifetime of financial security.

II. Living Healthy: Energize Your Life

Mark will motivate and educate attendees on how to lose weight, improve their physique, and have more energy.

IV. Finding True Happiness

Have you ever wished that life came with specific guidelines – the Dos and Don’ts – that would help you obtain happiness? In this inspiring lecture, Mark will explain the 4 keys to reaching your full potential and finding lasting happiness.


Mark did a tremendous job in jump-starting our corporate wellness program. His delivery was flawless and his command of the facts was most impressive. Over 75% of those employees in attendance opted for voluntary individual follow-up sessions with Mark and his staff. We also plan to have Mark return as a speaker as our program continues in the future.

Kevin Bottomley, President, DanversBank

Mark and his team brought his program “Healthy Living: Energize Your Life” to Appleseed’s. His presentation was highly motivating and encouraged our employees to think about their diet and exercise choices, and to understand how they impacted their well-being and energy. Mark and his team followed his presentations up with a wellness program, working one on one with employees to get on a practical and appropriate exercise program for each of them. Employees loved the program and took full advantage of it. Appleseed’s ended up with happy, healthier employees who felt great about the fact that we offered the programs right here in our Beverly offices.

Claire Spofford, President, Appleseed’s

We were looking to provide a quality-of-life enhancement program for our employees, so I had Mark come and speak to them about fitness and nutrition. Mark was stupendous – engaging, infectiously enthusiastic and articulate! Dozens of people came to me afterward to say how great they thought Mark was, and how much they appreciated the company’s leadership in thinking about them and enriching their lives this way. At Mullen, we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on other employee programs and have not gotten a fraction of the return that Mark provided us.

Joe Grimaldi, CEO, Mullen Advertising

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