Your body is keeping score and someday it will demand payment.

  • Meet our team
  • Experienced and educated trainers certified by national associations
  • Personalized instruction, customized programs
  • Balanced exercise: strength, aerobic, and flexibility
  • Nutritional strategies and programs for weight control and sound health
  • Emotional Prosperity Programs
  • Motivational Speaking Seminars
  • Mark has developed an integrated support team of the area’s best physical therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and medical doctors for referral purposes to all of our clients, when needed.

The Provost studio is clean, comfortable, club-like, and intimate, but never noisy or crowded. Because it is located in Wenham’s 85-acre Iron Rail property, clients can move their programs out-of-doors in good weather, or enhance their regimen with runs or brisk walks. Contact Mark directly for a no-cost evaluation and consultation. It’s a conversation that, quite literally, could change your life.


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